About us

about us

Thin Blue Line K9, LLC (www.thinbluelinek9.com) specializes in consulting on the development, training, and successful deployment of law enforcement canine detection operations. Thin Blue Line K9 offers complete solutions to law enforcement management in canine detection services in narcotics, explosives, currency, and firearms detection.

Thin Blue Line K9, LLC was created in 2011 after the highly successful 35-year Federal career of Mr. Lee T. Titus. Serving in the military as a law enforcement K9 officer and in the U.S. Customs Service as a K9 officer, Instructor, K9 Supervisor, and ultimately as the Director of the US Customs K9 Program and Canine Enforcement Training Center, Mr. Titus is intimately familiar with a vast array of canine training techniques and lesson plans, canine detection deployment operations, and narcotic, explosives, firearms, chemical, and currency detection. Our academic lesson plans were developed and copyrighted based on specific job-task analysis and on best practices. As an example, as a field K9 handler Mr. Titus has been directly responsible for narcotic seizures exceeding $1 billion in street value alone. 

Thin Blue Line K9, LLC provides a total solution to your needs, covering every aspect of development and maintenance of a canine program to creating sound policies, procedures, and training lesson plans and manuals. We can develop a sound detection training program that supports your company’s performance of mission critical operations.

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association

DEA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

The mission of Thin Blue Line K9, LLC is to ensure the highest quality of consulting and training events delivered to our customers. A primary mission of Thin Blue Line K9 is to develop training standards. Standards are critical for establishing a baseline of quality and defining measures and evaluation methods for police K9 training program review. Application of the standards can improve a training event and the standards can be applied to any K9 training effort. Thin Blue Line K9, LLC establishes and sets the benchmark for standards and policies for designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating detector dog training.